Wills and Probate
Wills and Probate

Wills & Probate

Expressing Your Wishes, Meeting Your Needs

There are many reasons to consider estate planning. Maybe you have started a family and want to make sure your children are provided for. Maybe you want to put your affairs in order after a health scare. Drafting a will makes sure your wishes are known.

At the law firm of Anthony E. Core, P.C., we assist Long Island clients with their basic estate planning and probate needs. If you need help drafting, updating or probating a will, contact us today for a free consultation with an estate planning lawyer.

Drafting Key Documents For Your Estate Plan

You may just want a simple will, or you may want to address other issues — such as health care matters — as part of your estate plan. Either way, we can draft documents to meet your needs. Common estate planning documents include the following:

  • Will: Your will sets forth your basic wishes regarding how your property will be distributed after your death, as well as your funeral arrangements. It also appoints an executor to carry out those wishes and guardians for any minor children you may have.
  • Power of attorney: A durable power of attorney allows you to give a trusted person the authority to act on your behalf in financial and personal matters if you become unable to handle your own affairs.
  • Living will: A living will sets forth the types of life-saving medical treatment you would or would not like to receive in the case of a medical emergency.
  • Health care proxy: A health care proxy, like a power of attorney, allows you to appoint a trusted person to make sure your living will and other medical wishes are respected.

We are experienced at drafting documents that implement our clients’ specific wishes in accordance with New York law. If you have a self-prepared will or one drafted in another state, we can review it to determine whether it still meets your needs.

Guiding Executors Through The Probate Process

Our firm also assists executors with the administration of wills and estates in probate court. Probate does not have to be a stressful process when there are no disputes about the wishes of the deceased. We can effectively represent your interests and seek a prompt conclusion.

To learn more about New York estate planning, probate and the services our attorneys provide in these areas, contact us online or call 516-712-2986 or toll free 888.868.6472 today.