Criminal Defense
Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Accused Of A Crime? Call Us Today.

If you have been charged with a crime in New York, it is important to contact an attorney right away. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you determine what options you have and what steps you can take right away to protect your rights.

At the law firm of Anthony E. Core, P.C., we provide effective criminal defense services to clients throughout Long Island. We have built a positive reputation with local prosecutors and judges based on the quality of our representation. Contact us for a free consultation.

Addressing All Types Of Criminal Charges

Our firm defends clients against a wide range of criminal charges, including minor violations, misdemeanors and felonies. Some of the most common charges include the following:

  • Drug crimes (possession, sale, distribution and trafficking of marijuana, cocaine, etc.)
  • Violent crimes (assault, battery, harassment, domestic violence, etc.)
  • Property crimes (theft, shoplifting, burglary, etc.)
  • Sex crimes (rape, sexual assault, etc.)
  • Computer crimes (internet crimes, pornography, etc.)
  • DWI (drunk driving)

Different people have different criminal defense goals. In some cases, it is possible to attack the prosecutors’ evidence and win an acquittal or dismissal of the charges. We are fully prepared to stand up for our clients’ rights in these circumstances.

In many cases, we are also able to negotiate alternatives such as drug rehabilitation programs that more effectively address the issues underlying the criminal charges. We are known for devoting significant time and attention to researching options for our criminal defense clients and for aggressively negotiating with prosecutors.

Representing Minors And Young Adults

Our firm has particular experience handling charges against young people, including juvenile delinquency charges against minors — which are heard in family court — and standard criminal charges against young adults, many of whom have never been in trouble with the law before.

We understand the impact that a conviction can have on a young person and will do everything we can to achieve an outcome that keeps your criminal record clean.

If you have been charged with any crime under any circumstances in New York, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 516-712-2986 or toll free 888.868.6472 to discuss your criminal defense options with an attentive attorney.

Traffic And Transportation Charges

Our attorneys represent clients facing charges and administrative proceedings for violations of New York state traffic and transportation laws. Our clients include individual drivers and commercial drivers and the companies they work for. We provide effective representation in cases involving matters such as:

  • Speeding tickets
  • Reckless driving
  • Red light violations
  • Cellphone violations
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) trucking violations

The penalties for these violations can have a serious impact on the status of your license and on insurance rates. We will quickly evaluate the facts of your case to determine what options you may have. Contact us to discuss your traffic charges with a knowledgeable attorney.