Lawyers working on a case in a library
Lawyers working on a case in a library

Our Approach To Alternative Dispute Resolution

If you are involved in any sort of legal dispute, it is important to have confidence in your attorney’s ability to represent you throughout the process while keeping a focus on your goals and your interests.

At the law firm of Anthony E. Core, P.C., our experienced civil litigation and criminal defense attorneys provide effective, efficient counsel to clients throughout Long Island. Contact us for a free consultation with one of our skilled lawyers. We are able to help you with alternative dispute resolution, mediation and collaborative law.

Handling Your Case With Experience And Preparedness

Our goal is to resolve your case without going to trial. One thing that sets our firm apart is that all four of our attorneys — while focusing on their specific legal practice areas — have the experience to handle cases from start to finish. Your attorney will be well-versed in the relevant issues and fully prepared for every aspect of the process.

Litigation can be costly, so we work to avoid ending up at trial. Our attorneys make the most of every proceeding to try to achieve an efficient resolution for our clients.

As a small firm, our attorneys are not under pressure to satisfy outrageous billing requirements. We are not interested in dragging out the litigation process. Our representation is about finding a solution to your problem, not racking up billable hours. To discuss how we can help, contact us today.